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About Us

Winemaking has been a cornerstone of our family for generations. This tradition gained new significance after our grandfather coined the term "Kapistoni" for his most exceptional wines.

The term became a cherished part of our family's vocabulary, forever echoing his dedication to excellence.

Today, we remain steadfast in crafting wines that embody his high standards and capture the essence of Kapistoni.


We firmly believe that preserving tradition is paramount in safeguarding the distinctive essence of Georgian wines. This characteristic quality arises from the harmonious interplay between the unique qvevri environment for wine aging and the exclusive cultivation of indigenous grape varieties.

Coupled with minimal intervention throughout the fermentation and aging stages, the resultant wines consistently align with the discerning standards of a Kapistoni wine.

Adherence to Tradition

In recent years, Georgian wine has gained significant global recognition, captivating a broader audience of wine enthusiasts. This surge has also fostered a valuable exchange of ideas between Georgian winemakers and their European counterparts. Consequently, many Georgian vintners have incorporated Western winemaking techniques in an endeavor to harmonize the flavor profile of Georgian wine with European preferences.

While not an extensively growing movement, we have deliberately chosen to produce wines that remain faithful to the authentic, artisanal essence of Georgian winemaking.

We firmly believe that the finest Georgian wines are those that stay true to the character that endeared them to a worldwide audience.

Our wines stand as a testament to this enduring commitment and embody our sincere interpretation of what exceptional Kapistoni wines should exemplify.

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