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About Us

Our family has been making wine for seven generations, and throughout this time the word Kapistoni has had a special meaning. When a wine was excellent, it was qualified as Kapistoni wine. We have always strived to create wines that could carry such qualification. Although somewhat abstract and with a precise definition that remained elusive to previous generations of our family, we believe that the source of those qualities is rooted in methods used by Georgians for over 8000 years in which qvevri plays a central role.  

We believe that adhering to tradition is the best way to keep intact the unique character of Georgian wines. This character is borne out of the interplay between the unique environment provided by qvevri for aging wines and the exclusive use of indigenous grapes. Combined with minimal intervention during the fermentation and aging process the resulting product meets the qualitative markers of a kapistoni wine.

In recent times Georgian wine has gone through a period of renowned recognition worldwide and it is being enjoyed by a wider wine drinking audience. This phenomenon has also contributed to the sharing of ideas between Georgian winemakers and their counterparts in Europe. As a result, many Georgian winemakers have imbued their craft with western winemaking techniques in an effort to approximate the flavor profile of Georgian wine closer to a European sensibility.

Although this is not a growing movement, we decided to make wines that stay true to the authentic artisanal qualities of Georgian wines. We believe that the best Georgian wines are the ones that stay true to the character that helped define them to a worldwide audience.

Our wines are the result of this ongoing effort, and represent our genuine interpretation of what great kapistoni wines should be like.

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